1938 - Born the 1-st February in Iassy, son of the sculptor Ion Grigore Popovici (1907 - 1946) and the painter Nadia Popovici (1911 - 1985)

1958 - 1964 - Studies sculpture at the "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of fine Arts in Bucharest under the proffesors Boris Caragea, Costin ioanid, Gheorghe Ghitescu, Andrei Szobotka

1964 - From this year onwards his work is presented at the majority of Romanian exhibitions on both regional and national levels. He exhibits and wins prizes for his works "Man's Head" and a first version of "Prometeus" or "electicity"

1966 - He becomes a member of the Union of Fine Arts of Romania

1967 - One-man-show of his sculptures and drawing in bucharest (Simeza Gallery) and Constanta (the Art Gallery). He participates at the Salon de la Jeune Sculptures in Paris and the open-air International Biennal of Sculpture in Anvers. He receives the Union of fine Arts' youth prize.

1968 - Participates in the open-air Exhibition of Sculpture in Mogosoaia (Bucharest), the first international Brancusi colloquim. Exhibits at the Triennal of decorative arts in Milan. Is awarded first prize for drawing by the Union of fine Arts.

1969 - He participates in the open-air International Exhibition of Sculpture organized by the Pagani Foundation at Legano - Castellanza and the Exibition of Contemporary Romanian Art in Paris, Bonn, Brussels and London (Brancusi centenary).

1970 - One-man-show of drawing at the Amfora Gallery in Bucharest. Shows his sculptures and drawings at the Exhibition of contemporary Romanian Art in Ankara, Prague, Athens and Alexandria. Is mentioned in the Nouveau Dictionnaire de la Sculpture Moderne ; Paris, ed. Fernand Hazan.

1971 - Inauguration of the monument "Electicity" (Prometheus, stainless steel, height 10 meters) wich stands by the hydroelectic station at Vidraru, on the river Arges, and of the statue of the poet "George Bacovia" (bronze, height 3,25 meters) at Bacau. The Union of Fine Arts awars him the first prize for sculpture.

1975 - Realisation of the monument "Victory" (bronze, height 3,25 meters) at Vaslui. Participates at the symposium of sculpture at Magura with "Early Bird" (Magura limestone, height 5 meters).

1976 - He shows his sculptures and drawings at the Exhibition of contemporary Romanian Art in Moscow. Participates at the 37-th Biennal in Venice and the symposium of sculpture in Galati, "Endeavor" (iron, height 10 meters). Mentioned in Octavian Barbosa's Dictionary of Contemporary Romanian Artists, Bucharest, Ed. Meridiane.

1981 - Participates at the "Juan Miro" International Exhibition of drawing, Barcelona. Mentioned in the Encyclopedia Universalis d'Arte, Rome.

1982 - Inauguration of the monument "Independence" (bronze, height 10 meters) at Oradea. One-man-show of paintings and drawings in Limoges. appears in Constantin Prut's Dictionary of Modern Art, bucharest, Ed. Meridiane.

1983 - Participates at the first international symposium of granite sculptures at Vassiviere - Limoges ("Essay", granite, height 2,5 meters) and the international exhibition of sculpture at Beaumont-du-Lac, France. Is awarded the prize of the Academy of Romania.

1984 - Participates at the exhibition of drawings presented by the Union of Fine Arts in Warsaw and at the international exhibition of sculpture, Legano-Castellanza. Becomes a grant-holder in Italy and opens a one-man-show in Rome.

1985 - One-man-show of scultures, paintings and drawings at the Museum of Art of the Romania.

1986 - Participates at he exhibition of Romanian sculpture and painting in Vienna (2 stone sculptures, 1 wood, 1 iron).


- Order of the cultural Merit
- Medal of the 34 - th Anniversary of the socialist republic of roumania
- Academy Award for the Oradea monument
- Medal "Una cultura per Europa", 1986, Rome, Italy.



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- Numeroase articole in presa nationala, internationala, aparitii la Radio si TV atat in tara cat si in strainatate.
- Consideratii critice de : Petre comarnescu, Dan Haulica, Eugen Schileru, Denis Chevalier, Jaques Lassaigne, Radu varia, Pierre Restagni, Dan Grigorescu, Simona Varzaru, Cornel Radu constantinescu, Octavian Barbosa, Ante Glibota, Mircea Deac, Ion Frunzetti, Mircea Grozdea, Grigore Arbore, Gheorghe Cozma, etc.

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